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Axe Deodorant Body Spray Dark Temptation 150ml - 5.07 oz - 180 Ct - Closeout

60.0 lb
$387.00 $448.50

UPC: 4600104041976
Unit Price: $2.15
Weight: 60.0 lb
SKU: 20192x180

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15 boxes ( 12 pack ) 180 ct

About this item:

  • Use AXE men's deodorant Body Spray for 48 hour underarm odor protection and freshness
  • AXE fragrance is classically masculine and sophisticated with an addictive fresh combination of crisp notes of sparkling fruits, sage and with a creamy, musky background
  • Deodorant Body Spray
  • A blend of crisp fruits, sage, and a creamy, musky background