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CIF Professional Multi Surface Dust Cleaner & Polishing Spray - 400 ml - 6 Pack

6.6 lb

UPC: 7615400791217
Unit Price: $4.9
Weight: 6.6 lb
SKU: 91217

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About this item

Keeping your front-of-house clean and tidy is a great way to give guests an overall positive impression of your business. This aerosol multi-surface cleaner by Cif Pro Formula offers excellent cleaning abilities that help to keep your lobby areas, guestrooms and dining room looking pristine. This professional cleaner contains anti-static agents that help to prevent dust from collecting on your screens, hi-fi and modern furniture. This ensures long-lasting dust protection to help keep your furniture looking immaculate at all times.

The easy-to-use spray function ensures simple and accurate cleaning, making it easy for housekeeping staff to quickly tackle and maintain your surfaces.