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General Description: Colgate Total Antibacterial Protection Toothpaste in refreshing mint flavor offers comprehensive oral care. This toothpaste is designed to fight bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums, providing 12-hour protection for a healthier mouth. The 5.1 Oz size is perfect for regular use, and the 24 pack ensures an ample supply for families, clubs, or small retailers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: Colgate
  • Product Type: Toothpaste
  • Flavor: Mint
  • Volume: 5.1 Oz (each tube)
  • Pack Size: 24 tubes
  • Features:
    • Antibacterial protection for teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums
    • Provides 12-hour protection against bacteria
    • Helps prevent cavities, plaque buildup, and gingivitis
    • Strengthens enamel and freshens breath
    • Clinically proven formula

Product Relevance: Colgate Total Antibacterial Protection Toothpaste is a trusted choice for families and individuals seeking comprehensive oral care. The 24 pack is ideal for retailers, dental clinics, and bulk buyers who prioritize health and hygiene. This product's long-lasting antibacterial protection and refreshing mint flavor make it a popular choice for maintaining oral health and cleanliness