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Juan Valdez Classic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee - 3.5 oz

1.0 lb

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About this item

Juan Valdez Freeze Dried Classic Colombian Coffee provides you with a strong yet smooth taste in the morning when you wake up. It will wake up your senses! Juan Valdez Coffee, 3.52 oz., provides the right flavor, caffeine and bold taste you want to make your morning better. This coffee is made to perfection out of only the best coffee beans, ground and frozen to lock in flavor and freshness. Brew it as you normally would with other ground coffee in the pot. Columbian coffee bean growers strive to provide the best results with their beans, using high quality, handpicked coffee beans that have been washed in spring water, crushed and left out to dry in the sun. You'll look forward to waking up when you know this delicious coffee is going to be a part of your morning. Drink it black or add sugar, milk or creamer, however you prefer. Juan Valdez Freeze Dried Coffee 100% Colombian Instant Coffee can be a rich treat in the morning, noon or night.

  • These coffee beans contains caffeine 
  • Size: 3.5 oz. glass jar 
  • Bold, genuine taste
  • Strong, rich aroma