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Downy Fresh Protect In-Wash Scent Beads with Febreze Odor Defense, April Fresh - 37.5 Oz Oz

2.45 lb

UPC: 037000682981
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Weight: 2.45 lb
SKU: 68298

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  • Motion-activated fresheners triggered as you move
  • 24 hour odor neutralization
  • 12 weeks of freshness
  • April Fresh
  • Safe in all washing machines


When you treat your laundry to Downy Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Defense scent beads, fabrics are infused with motion-activated fresheners that are triggered as you move, knocking out odors on the spot. Its 24-hour odor neutralization keeps your clothes smelling fresh and clean—no matter what you do while wearing them. So get out there and see how Downy Fresh Protect helps you maintain that take-on-the-world freshness all day long.