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Wholesale Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue: Add Sparkle and Shine to Your Projects. Stock up on Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue and provide your customers with a fun and easy way to add sparkle and shine to their arts and crafts projects. This 18-pack, featuring 6 packs of 3-count assorted color glitter glue bottles, is perfect for party supplies stores, arts and crafts stores, and any retailer that caters to children and families.

Add a Dazzling Touch to Any Project

Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue is a versatile product that can be used to add a touch of sparkle to a variety of projects, including:

  • Greeting cards

  • Scrapbooks

  • School projects

  • DIY decorations

The glue is washable, so parents can rest assured that cleanup will be a breeze.

Product Overview

Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue is the perfect way to add a touch of fun and excitement to any arts and crafts project. This glue is easy to use and dries quickly, so kids can get started right away.

Product Specifications

  • Number of colors: 18 (6 assorted colors per pack)

  • Glue type: Washable glitter glue

  • Includes: 18 glue bottles (6 packs of 3 bottles each)

  • Age recommendation: 3+

Why Buy Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue Wholesale?

If you sell arts and crafts supplies or party supplies, then you need to offer your customers Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue. Elmer's is a trusted brand that has been providing kids with quality art supplies for over 60 years. When you buy Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue wholesale, you can save money and ensure that you always have plenty of glue on hand to meet your customers' needs.

  • Save money on bulk purchases.

  • Stock up on a popular arts and crafts item.

  • Offer your customers a high-quality product that is safe and fun for kids.

Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue is a must-have for any business that sells arts and crafts supplies or party supplies. When you buy Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue wholesale, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality product that your customers will love.

Order Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue Wholesale Today!