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Ice Breakers Sugar Free Mints, Wintergreen - Pack of 8

1.01 lb
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Product Description

Ice Breakers wintergreen mints are deliciously refreshing and have breath-brightening flavor. These wintergreen mints are the perfect size for popping into your mouth whenever you’re ready for icy, cool flavor. Packed with sparkling wintergreen flavor crystals, these invigorating breath mints deliver long-lasting fresh breath. Ice Breakers wintergreen sugar free mints have 30% fewer calories than sugared mints (calories per piece reduced from 3 to 2). The resealable tin is perfect for bringing on the go, and it gives you the option to dispense one for yourself or many if you feel like sharing.


  • Tins of Ice Breakers wintergreen mints
  • Enjoy right after a meal or whenever you need a rush of coolness
  • Resealable mint tin dispenser is perfect for on the go use
  • Refreshing sugar free mints have 30% fewer calories than sugared mints
  • Stock up on Halloween candy and add to a party bowl for decorations