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Box with 24 bars of 1.76 Oz Each

About this item

  • DARK CHOCOLATE: Everybody loves MILKY WAY bars, but everybody loves them for different reasons. We like the smooth coating of rich, decadent dark chocolate that coats every scrumptious MILKY WAY Midnight bar in a creamy, deliciously chocolatey covering.
  • CREAMY CARAMEL: Don't tell chocolate, but we know the real secret to a delicious MILKY WAY Bar lies in its smooth layer of caramel. A rich ribbon of luscious caramel runs right through the center of a MILKY WAY Chocolate Bar for a tempting pop of flavor.
  • SMOOTH NOUGAT: Smooth, decadent dark chocolate and creamy, rich caramel just wouldn't be the same without the smooth, chewy layer of nougat. Nutty and delicious, this smooth foundation holds up this delectably rich galaxy of caramel and chocolate.
  • ROAD TRIP BUDDY: Delightful dark chocolate, rich caramel, and smooth chewy nougat make Midnight Dark MILKY WAY bars the perfect chocolatey treat to take on your next road trip. It's not much of a navigator, but it's the perfect pick-me-up.