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  • EXTRA STRENGTH FOR EXTRA VOLUME OGX Extra Strength Biotin and Collagen Conditioner is a volume-creating powerhouse with an extra helping of vitamins and proteins to pump up fine strands.
  • OH SO LIGHTWEIGHT Extra body doesn't mean extra weight with this thickening blend. Condition with a mix of nourishing ingredients for full, voluminous hair that's astonishingly lightweight.
  • BIOTIN FOR THE WIN Biotin, aka vitamin B7, is crucial for skin, nail, and hair health. We paired it with Collagen, a protein known to be rich in amino acids, to make a beauty power blend that nourishes hair and helps deliver a full, healthy look.
  • GO BIG AND GO OUT Take your hair and hit the town with this extra strength biotin conditioner. Designed to fill your strands with life and body, OGX Extra Strength helps provide more volume than regular strength conditioner.
  • INFUSED WITH GOODNESS A premium ingredient blend infused with bamboo fiber extract and hydrolyzed wheat protein creates a color-safe plumping conditioner designed to nourish hair with everything it needs to look healthy and beautiful.