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Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion, 3 Oz - 24 Pack

Ensure optimal hygiene and comfort with Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion, now available in a bulk 24-pack of 3 oz bottles. Specially formulated to provide soothing, reliable cleanliness for sensitive areas, this lotion is a trusted solution for daily personal care.

Key Features:

  • Gentle Formula: Balneol lotion is designed for the perianal and external vaginal areas, making it safe and gentle for regular use, even on sensitive skin.
  • Soothing Relief: Ideal for use with discomfort from hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and post-surgical procedures, as well as a cleansing aid for intimate areas during illness or limited mobility.
  • Non-Irritating: This lotion does not contain alcohol or harsh chemicals, ensuring it soothes without causing irritation.
  • Easy Application: The lotion format allows for precise application without the need for rinsing, providing convenient and discreet use.
  • Versatile Use: Recommended by both gynecologists and colorectal specialists for patients who require a gentle cleansing solution.

Bulk Pack Benefits: The 24-pack of 3 oz bottles offers excellent value and convenience, ensuring you are always stocked up on this essential hygiene product. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or for individual consumers who prefer to buy in bulk.

Ideal for Healthcare Providers and Retailers: Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion is an essential stock item for pharmacies, medical supply stores, and any retailer catering to health and wellness needs. Offering this lotion in bulk allows for consistent availability to meet the ongoing demand for gentle and effective hygienic care products.