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General Description: Colgate Max Fresh with Whitening Breath Strips in Cool Mint flavor provides a refreshing and effective oral care experience. This toothpaste features unique breath strips that release an intense burst of freshness while whitening teeth. The 6.3 Oz size is suitable for daily use, and the 24 pack is perfect for families, clubs, or small retailers who need a reliable supply of toothpaste.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: Colgate
  • Product Type: Toothpaste
  • Flavor: Cool Mint
  • Volume: 6.3 Oz (each tube)
  • Pack Size: 24 tubes
  • Features:
    • Contains breath strips for an intense burst of freshness
    • Whitening formula to help remove surface stains
    • Fights cavities and freshens breath
    • Provides a cooling sensation that lasts for hours
    • Helps strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay

Product Relevance: Colgate Max Fresh with Whitening Breath Strips Cool Mint toothpaste is an excellent choice for those seeking both freshness and whitening benefits. The 24 pack is ideal for bulk buyers such as families, retailers, and dental clinics who value long-lasting freshness and effective oral care. This product's unique breath strips and whitening capabilities make it a popular option for maintaining a bright and healthy smile