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This high-demand oral care combo provides long-lasting freshness and a convenient on-the-go solution for busy consumers. Maximize your profit potential with this bulk pack from Contarmarket!

Key Features for Your Business:

  • Dual Action Formula: Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste provides breath freshening and cavity fighting protection with fluoride.
  • Long-Lasting Cool: Delivers a burst of freshness that lasts for hours (according to Colgate website).
  • Gentle Whitening: Helps remove surface stains and brighten smiles with regular use.
  • Mini Breath Strips for On-the-Go Freshness: Each pack includes mini breath strips for an extra boost of confidence throughout the day.
  • Bulk Pack (24 ct): Provides a cost-effective way to stock your shelves and meet customer demand, maximizing your profit margins.

Benefits of Selling Colgate Max Fresh with Mini Breath Strips (24 ct):

  • Trusted Brand: Colgate is a leading name in oral care, ensuring consistent sales and brand recognition.
  • Two Products in One: This combo pack caters to consumers seeking both long-lasting freshness and a convenient whitening solution.
  • Increased Profitability: The bulk packaging allows you to offer competitive prices while maximizing your profit per unit.
  • Impulse Buy Potential: The convenient size and portability of the mini breath strips make them ideal impulse purchases at checkout.

Stock up on Colgate Max Fresh with Mini Breath Strips (24 ct) today! Provide your customers with a complete oral care solution that combines freshness, whitening, and on-the-go convenience, while maximizing your profit potential.

Additional Information:

  • Sugar-free formula (according to Colgate website).
  • Available in a refreshing Cool Mint flavor.