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Discover Nivea® Creme at Contramarket.com, the quintessential solution for providing your customers with reliable and versatile skincare in a convenient travel size. Perfect for the wholesale market, this iconic moisturizer is ideal for retailers, hotels, and travel-related businesses seeking to offer a trusted and highly regarded skincare product. By purchasing in bulk, you ensure a steady supply of this timeless product, optimizing your inventory and operational costs.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Nivea®
  • Product: Creme
  • Size: 1 oz per tin
  • Quantity per pack: 36 tins
  • Total weight: 36 oz
  • Use: Moisturizes and protects skin, suitable for all skin types
  • Features: Travel size, rich and creamy texture, multi-purpose moisturizer

Investing in Nivea® Creme is a wise decision for both its skincare benefits and commercial potential. Nivea® is a globally recognized brand known for its effective and high-quality skincare products. By offering Nivea® Creme in your inventory, you can attract a broad customer base seeking a reliable and versatile moisturizer.

The demand for high-quality travel-size skincare products is significant, especially in sectors such as retail, hospitality, and travel. By selling in packs of 36, you provide your customers with a practical and essential product, thereby increasing your profit margins. Bulk purchasing allows you to benefit from volume discounts, leading to a higher return on investment.

In summary, by choosing Nivea® Creme for your business, you ensure that you offer a premium product that meets the skincare needs of your customers while leveraging the strong market presence of the Nivea® brand to enhance your sales and profitability