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Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant, Original Irish Spring - 2.7 oz 

Conquer your day feeling fresh and confident with this value pack of Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant in the classic Original Irish Spring scent. This 12-pack offers reliable sweat and odor protection with a familiar, masculine fragrance, making it a popular choice for active individuals on the go.

Key Features:

    • 24-hour sweat and odor protection: Keeps you dry and feeling confident throughout your day, no matter your activity level.
    • Classic Original Irish Spring scent: Features the iconic clean and fresh fragrance, reminiscent of the outdoors and nature.
    • Solid deodorant: Glides on smoothly and leaves no white residue, ensuring comfortable all-day wear.
    • Comfort guard applicator: Designed for a controlled and comfortable application, minimizing skin irritation.
    • Value 12-pack: Stock up and save with this convenient pack, ensuring you always have a fresh stick on hand.
    • Trusted brand: Speed Stick is a leading deodorant brand with a loyal customer base, recognized for its quality and performance.

Market Opportunities:

    • The global deodorant market is vast and growing, with consumers increasingly seeking reliable and effective solutions.
    • Speed Stick's reputation for powerful protection and classic masculine scents caters to a large segment of the market.
    • The 12-pack format offers affordability and convenience, appealing to budget-conscious consumers and families.
    • The Original Irish Spring scent is a timeless favorite, ensuring consistent demand.
    • This bulk pack offers a competitive price per deodorant, making it an attractive option for retailers and consumers alike.
    • The well-known brand, popular scent, and long-lasting protection ensure strong demand and potential for repeat purchases.
    • The long shelf life and minimal storage requirements contribute to overall profitability.

Overall, Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant in Original Irish Spring 12-pack provides a winning combination of powerful protection, a classic masculine scent, and excellent value. It's a smart choice for retailers looking to cater to the high demand for reliable deodorants and maximize their personal care profit potential.