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This multipack contains 120 units of Degree Men Antiperspirant Sport Deodorant sticks (2.7 oz each). It provides long-lasting sweat and odor protection with a fresh, invigorating "Sport" scent. The formula is designed for active men and helps them stay dry and confident throughout their day.


  • Antiperspirant and Deodorant: Offers two-in-one functionality for sweat and odor protection.
  • 48-Hour Sweat & Odor Protection: Keeps users feeling fresh and confident during workouts or any activity.
  • MotionSense Technology (possible, verification recommended): Some variations may include this technology that releases bursts of fragrance with movement for extra protection.
  • Long-lasting Scent: The Sport scent offers a refreshing fragrance that stays effective throughout the day.
  • Target Audience: Active men seeking sweat and odor control during workouts or physical activities.

Relevance for Wholesalers

There are several reasons why this Degree Men Antiperspirant Sport Bulk is attractive:

  • Strong Brand Recognition: Degree is a leading deodorant brand trusted by consumers worldwide.
  • High Demand: The combination of sweat and odor protection, a long-lasting scent, and a focus on active lifestyles makes this a high-demand product among men.
  • Bulk Buying Discount: The 120-pack allows for significant savings when buying in bulk, increasing profit margins for wholesalers.
  • Impulse Buy Potential: The large quantity allows retailers to offer a lower price per unit, potentially leading to impulse buys from customers.

Degree Men Antiperspirant Sport positions itself well within this market by offering a trusted brand, long-lasting sweat and odor protection, a popular scent, and features catering to active men. This makes it an attractive option for both consumers and wholesalers.

By offering a trusted brand, effective sweat and odor protection, a popular scent, and features targeting active men, this Degree Men Antiperspirant Sport Bulk presents a strong opportunity for wholesalers looking for high-demand products with a high profit potential.