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This is a multipack containing 120 units of Degree Men Original Aluminum Free Deodorant Arctic Edge (3.0 oz each). It provides 48-hour odor protection with a crisp and refreshing "Arctic Edge" scent. This aluminum-free formula is ideal for consumers who prefer deodorant without aluminum.

Relevance for Wholesalers

There are several reasons why this Degree Men deodorant bulk pack is attractive to wholesalers:

  • Strong Brand Recognition: Degree is a leading deodorant brand trusted by consumers worldwide.
  • Aluminum-Free Option: Caters to a growing market segment seeking aluminum-free deodorants.
  • High Demand: The combination of odor protection with a popular scent and aluminum-free formula makes this a high-demand product.
  • Bulk Buying Discount: The 120-pack allows for significant savings when buying in bulk, increasing profit margins for wholesalers.

Additional Notes for Wholesalers

  • Consider the storage requirements for such a large quantity of deodorant.
  • Explore competitor bulk deodorant pricing and potential volume discounts from distributors to maximize profit margins.
  • Be aware that some consumers may perceive aluminum-free deodorants as less effective than traditional antiperspirants (which also provide sweat protection).

By offering a trusted brand, odor protection, and a popular scent in an aluminum-free formula, this Degree Deodorant presents a strong opportunity for wholesalers looking for innovative products with a high potential for profit.