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This is a multipack containing 120 units of Degree Women Deodorant Invisible Solid Sheer Powder Deodorant (2.6 oz each). It offers long-lasting sweat and odor protection with a light, clean "Sheer Powder" scent. The invisible solid formula goes on clear and leaves no residue.

Relevance for Wholesalers

There are several reasons why this Degree Deodorant bulk pack is attractive to wholesalers:

  • Strong Brand Recognition: Degree is a leading deodorant brand trusted by consumers worldwide.
  • High Demand: The deodorant offers sweat and odor protection with a popular scent, making it a high-demand product among women.
  • Bulk Buying Discount: The 120-pack allows for significant savings when buying in bulk, increasing profit margins for wholesalers.
  • Impulse Buy Potential: The large quantity allows retailers to offer a lower price per unit, potentially leading to impulse buys from customers.

Additional Notes

  • Consider the storage requirements for such a large quantity of deodorant.
  • Explore offering smaller repackaged quantities to retailers who may not need the full 120-pack.
  • Research competitor bulk deodorant pricing and potential volume discounts from distributors to maximize profit margins.

By offering a trusted brand, effective protection, and a popular scent in a bulk format, this Degree Deodorant presents a strong opportunity for wholesalers looking for high-demand products with a high profit potential.