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General Description

Edge Soothing Aloe Shaving Gel provides a smooth and comfortable shave with its rich lather and soothing aloe vera formula. Each 7 oz canister is designed to hydrate and protect your skin while reducing irritation from shaving. The gel lubricates to help prevent razor burns and nicks, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. This 6 pack is ideal for families, bulk buyers, and retail customers looking for high-quality shaving products in quantity for convenience and value.

Technical Specification

  • Brand: Edge
  • Product Line: Soothing Aloe Shaving Gel
  • Volume: 7 oz per canister
  • Packaging: Pack of 6 canisters
  • Product Type: Shaving Gel
  • Usage: Wet face, apply gel, shave, and rinse off.
  • Benefits:
    • Contains soothing aloe vera to hydrate and protect skin
    • Provides a smooth and comfortable shave
    • Helps prevent razor burns and nicks
    • Leaves skin feeling refreshed and moisturized
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid

Product Relevance

Edge Soothing Aloe Shaving Gel is highly relevant for retail buyers, families, and club members seeking bulk purchases of effective and soothing shaving products. The 7 oz size is convenient for regular use, and the 6 pack format ensures a consistent supply, making it an economical choice for larger households or retail inventory. Edge's reputation for quality and comfort in shaving ensures customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. Offering this shaving gel in a bulk pack allows consumers to enjoy a smooth shave with a trusted product, driving steady sales and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.