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General Description: Elmer's Clear School Glue is perfect for crafting, school projects, and everyday adhesive needs. This versatile, clear-drying glue is formulated to provide a strong bond while remaining washable and non-toxic, making it safe for children to use. Each 5 oz bottle comes with an easy-to-use twist cap for precise application, ensuring minimal mess. Ideal for bonding paper, cloth, and lightweight materials, Elmer's Clear School Glue is a must-have in any classroom, home, or office.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: Elmer's
  • Product Type: School Glue
  • Size: 5 oz per bottle
  • Packaging: Individual bottle
  • Usage: Apply a thin layer to one surface, press materials together, and let dry; suitable for paper, cloth, and lightweight materials
  • Benefits:
    • Dries clear for a neat finish
    • Washable and non-toxic, safe for children
    • Easy-to-use twist cap for precise application
    • Strong bonding formula

Product Relevance: Elmer's Clear School Glue in the 5 oz size is ideal for retail buyers, teachers, parents, and crafters seeking a reliable and safe adhesive for various projects. The individual bottle size is perfect for classroom use, arts and crafts projects, and household repairs. Elmer's reputation for quality ensures customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. Offering this clear school glue provides consumers with a trusted product that delivers consistent performance, driving steady sales and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.