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Eucerin Intensive Repair Body Lotion, available in a 3-ounce bottle and conveniently packaged as a 12-pack, is designed to provide deep hydration and intensive care for very dry, flaky skin. This lotion combines a unique blend of moisturizing ingredients that exfoliate and hydrate to improve the skin’s overall condition and appearance. Ideal for wholesale buyers, this product meets the needs of consumers seeking effective solutions for dry skin, making it a valuable addition to any retailer’s inventory.

Technical Specification

  • Brand: Eucerin
  • Product Line: Intensive Repair
  • Volume: 3 ounces per bottle
  • Packaging: Pack of 12 bottles
  • Product Type: Body Lotion
  • Usage: Apply daily to dry, flaky skin
  • Benefits: Deep hydration, gentle exfoliation, improved skin texture and appearance
  • Key Ingredients: Urea, lactic acid, glycerin
  • Suitable for: Very dry and flaky skin

Eucerin Intensive Repair Body Lotion is a highly relevant product in the wholesale market due to its exceptional efficacy and brand trust. The 12-pack format is advantageous for retailers and distributors aiming to offer a premium skincare solution that addresses common skin concerns such as dryness and flakiness. Eucerin’s reputation for delivering dermatologist-recommended products ensures high consumer demand and repeat purchases. This body lotion’s ability to provide intensive care and improve skin health makes it a valuable addition to any personal care lineup, driving sales and enhancing customer satisfaction in the wholesale sector.