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Gillette Antiperspirant Gel, Cool Wave - 70 ml/2.36 fl oz - 6 Pack

General Description

Gillette Antiperspirant Gel in Cool Wave scent delivers long-lasting protection against sweat and odor, designed for men seeking effective and reliable performance. Each 70 ml (2.36 fl oz) container features a clear, quick-drying gel that ensures effective sweat protection without leaving residue or stains on clothing. The Cool Wave scent offers a refreshing and invigorating aroma, keeping users feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. The 6-pack is ideal for wholesale buyers, providing retailers with a popular, high-demand product that consistently meets consumer expectations.

Technical Specification

  • Brand: Gillette
  • Product Line: Cool Wave Antiperspirant Gel
  • Volume: 70 ml (2.36 fl oz) per container
  • Packaging: Pack of 6 containers
  • Product Type: Antiperspirant Gel
  • Usage: Apply to underarms; allow to dry before dressing; suitable for daily use
  • Benefits: Long-lasting sweat and odor protection, quick-drying, non-staining, refreshing Cool Wave scent
  • Key Ingredients: Active antiperspirant ingredients, fragrance
  • Suitable for: All skin types

Product Relevance in Wholesale Market

Gillette Antiperspirant Gel in Cool Wave scent is highly relevant in the wholesale market due to its strong brand recognition and the continuous demand for effective antiperspirant products among men. The 6-pack format is perfect for retailers and distributors looking to stock a reliable, high-quality product that appeals to a broad audience. Gillette’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures strong customer loyalty and repeat purchases. This antiperspirant gel’s robust protection and refreshing scent make it a valuable addition to any personal care product lineup, driving steady sales and enhancing customer satisfaction in the wholesale sector