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General Description: Nature's Bounty Zinc 50 mg provides essential support for immune health and overall well-being. Each tablet contains 50 mg of high-potency zinc, a crucial mineral known for its immune-boosting properties. This 12-pack offering includes 100 tablets per bottle, designed for wholesalers, pharmacies, exporters, and resellers looking to stock quality supplements at competitive wholesale prices. Nature's Bounty ensures purity, potency, and efficacy, making it a trusted choice among health-conscious consumers.

Technical Specification:

  • Brand: Nature's Bounty
  • Product Type: Zinc Dietary Supplement
  • Strength: 50 mg per tablet
  • Pack Size: 100 tablets per bottle, 12 bottles per pack
  • Usage: Take one tablet daily with a meal, or as recommended by a healthcare professional
  • Benefits:
    • Supports immune health
    • Essential for enzyme function
    • Promotes overall wellness
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured in facilities following strict GMP guidelines

Product Relevance: Nature's Bounty Zinc 50 mg in the 100 Ct, 12 Pack format is tailored for wholesalers and distributors targeting pharmacies, exporters, and resellers in the health supplement market. Bulk packaging at wholesale prices offers cost-effectiveness and convenience for stocking shelves and fulfilling customer demand. With a focus on immune support and wellness, Nature's Bounty Zinc is a sought-after product that meets regulatory standards and customer expectations, ensuring satisfaction and repeat business.