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Right Guard - Xtreme Defense Antiperspirant Deodorant, Arctic Refresh - 2.6 oz - 12 Pack

Discover Right Guard Xtreme Defense Antiperspirant Deodorant at Contramarket.com, the perfect solution for providing your customers with ultimate protection against sweat and odor. Ideal for the wholesale market, this Arctic Refresh deodorant offers long-lasting freshness, making it a must-have for retailers, gyms, and healthcare providers. By purchasing in bulk, you ensure a steady supply of this highly sought-after product, optimizing your inventory and operational costs.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Right Guard
  • Product: Xtreme Defense Antiperspirant Deodorant
  • Variant: Arctic Refresh
  • Weight: 2.6 oz per stick
  • Quantity per pack: 12 sticks
  • Total weight: 31.2 oz
  • Use: Provides long-lasting protection against sweat and odor
  • Features: Powerful odor and sweat protection, Arctic Refresh scent, easy-to-apply stick

Profit Potential and Brand Importance

Investing in Right Guard Xtreme Defense Antiperspirant Deodorant is a strategic choice for both health benefits and commercial potential. Right Guard is a well-known brand in the personal care industry, recognized for its high-quality and effective deodorant products. By offering Right Guard in your inventory, you can attract a broad customer base seeking reliable and robust odor defense.

The demand for high-quality antiperspirant deodorants is consistently high, especially in sectors such as retail, fitness centers, and healthcare, where maintaining personal hygiene is essential. By selling in packs of 12, you provide your customers with a practical and necessary product, thereby increasing your profit margins. Bulk purchasing allows you to benefit from volume discounts, leading to a higher return on investment.

In summary, by choosing Right Guard Xtreme Defense Antiperspirant Deodorant for your business, you ensure that you offer a premium product that meets the hygiene needs of your customers while leveraging the strong market presence of the Right Guard brand to enhance your sales and profitability.