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Zebra Pen Doodler'z Gel Stick Pen Set - 10 ct - 12 Pack

Unleash Creativity with Zebra Doodler'z Gel Stick Pen Sets: A Wholesale Essential for Vibrant, Smooth Writing

Elevate your wholesale offerings with the Zebra Doodler'z Gel Stick Pen Sets, a must-have for businesses seeking high-demand stationery products. This bulk pack of 12 sets, each containing 10 gel pens in assorted colors, delivers the smooth, vibrant writing experience that customers love, making them ideal for doodling, drawing, writing, and more.

Experience the Zebra Doodler'z Difference:

  • Smooth, gel ink: Glides effortlessly across the page, producing crisp, defined lines.
  • Vibrant assorted colors: Inspire creativity with a wide range of eye-catching gel ink colors.
  • Ergonomic triangular grip: Promotes comfortable writing even during extended use.

Ideal for a Variety of Creative Expressions:

  • Doodling and sketching: Let your imagination run wild with vibrant colors and smooth gel ink.
  • Journaling and note-taking: Add a touch of personality to your writing with colorful accents.
  • Color-coding and organizing: Use different colors to categorize information and enhance organization.

Why Choose Zebra Doodler'z Gel Stick Pen Sets for Wholesale?

  • Brand recognition and trust: Zebra is a renowned brand in writing instruments, known for its high-quality products and reliable performance.
  • Smooth, vibrant writing experience: These pens deliver a consistent, enjoyable writing experience that customers will appreciate.
  • Versatile usage: Suitable for a wide range of creative and practical applications.
  • Bulk pack for wholesale savings: Stock up on a large quantity at a competitive price.

Enhance Your Wholesale Offerings with Zebra Doodler'z Gel Stick Pen Sets:

  • Attract a wider customer base: Appeal to artists, crafters, students, and anyone who enjoys colorful, smooth writing.
  • Boost sales and profits: Stock up on a high-demand product with proven popularity.
  • Optimize inventory management: The 12-pack format provides ample stock for wholesale distribution.

Additional Selling Points:

  • AP certified non-toxic: Safe for use by children and adults.
  • Refillable gel ink cartridges: Extend the lifespan of the pens and reduce waste.
  • Convenient reusable storage case: Keep your pens organized and protected.

Zebra Doodler'z Gel Stick Pen Sets: The Wholesale Choice for Vibrant, Smooth Writing